About Tau XL        

Welcome to Tau XL. As a collective of industry professionals, our goal is to foster greater understanding and application of Assistive Technology.

Each course is built around a series of curated modules, utilising engaging content to focus on the applications of AT in various domains and the disability impacts these technologies can help to overcome.
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About Us

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Our Mission
Tau XL is a pioneering force in the field of Assistive Technology awareness. Our mission is to empower individuals and organisations with the knowledge of how to utilise Assistive Technology, fostering inclusive and accessible spaces in various realms of life.

The Team

Our team comprises of industry leaders, developers, and seasoned trainers and consultants, collectively bringing over 50 years of experience in Assistive Technology. We are proudly equipped with diverse experiences and robust expertise, helping us to deliver the highest quality training and support.

Why choose Tau XL?
What sets Tau XL apart is our innovative approach. Rather than focusing on a person's impairment or disability, we concentrate on understanding the impacts of disability and how these can be supported through AT. This approach encourages individuals to see beyond limitations and to discover practical, impactful solutions that truly make a difference.


Each module is designed to focus on a specific aspect of Assistive Technology. Modules are continually updated to reflect new AT trends and advancements.


Test your knowledge with our module and course quizzes, designed to solidify your understanding of the course material.


Each video will support with simplifying tools, provide practical demonstrations, and offer insightful tips.  Closed captions and full transcripts are also available.


Tau XL's resource area is designed to supplement your understanding, stimulate further exploration, and offer practical tools that can be applied in real-world scenarios.
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Contact us

If you have feedback, questions or just want to know more - please feel free to send us a message