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Assistive Technology Awareness Training

Tau XL is a CPD certified online course designed to enhance knowledge and skills of Assistive Technology (AT) products and improve skills in their applications usage.

Whether you're an educator, a professional, or an individual keen on understanding assistive technology, our courses offer a comprehensive, and accessible learning journey.

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Unlock the Potential of Assistive Technology

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Discover, Learn & Empower

From classrooms to corporate offices, AT has the potential to transform the way we approach learning, communication, and productivity. 

Our courses will provide you with the knowledge to create inclusive environments that support everyone's unique needs.

Inclusive &

Our courses are designed to be as accessible and inclusive as the technologies we teach. Dive into a rich learning experience featuring over 30 high-quality videos, expert-developed texts, and interactive quizzes. We've designed our materials to cater to diverse learning styles and accessibility needs, ensuring everyone can benefit from our content.

Stay Up-to-date & Boost Your Skills 

With technology constantly evolving, our courses keep you updated on the latest advancements in AT, ensuring you're always ahead in this dynamic field. With a comprehensive understanding of AT, you become a more valuable asset in your workplace, capable of fostering inclusivity and productivity.

             Tau XL courses

AT Awareness in the Workplace

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Foster an inclusive work environment with the knowledge of AT and its transformative role in promoting accessibility.

AT Awareness in Education

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Learn how to identify students' AT requirements based on their learning challenges.

  AT Awareness for Study Needs Assessors

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Gain an in-depth understanding of the role of AT in creating accessible and equitable learning environments.

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