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Further your skills on an Advanced AT training course 

Our Advanced Assistive Technology (AT) Training Course is designed for those who wish to take their knowledge and skills to the next level. This comprehensive program goes beyond the basics, delving deeper into the world of AT, exploring advanced tools, and their practical applications in various sectors.
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Why should I take this course?

What sets this course apart is our personalised one-to-one training approach. We understand that each learner is unique, with different learning styles, objectives, and pace. Our dedicated trainers work closely with you, providing individualised attention, tailored learning plans, and continuous support to ensure your learning journey is engaging, productive, and aligned with your goals.

The course covers a wide range of advanced AT tools and strategies, with a focus on practical implementation. You will gain hands-on experience, work on real-world projects, and receive constructive feedback to refine your skills.

Whether you are a professional seeking to implement AT in your organisation, an educator striving for a more inclusive classroom, an Assessor looking to up-skill or an enthusiast keen on deepening your AT knowledge, our advanced course provides the platform for your continued growth in this dynamic field.
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Build your knowledge & skills

What's included?

Our advanced AT training course will accelerate your professional skills and knowledge.

-to-one specialist AT training

We provide a variety of training programs that help you reach your professional goals. 

Flexible schedule

We offer flexible training sessions to work around your schedule.

Specialist resources

  • Workflows to guide you through demonstrations
  • Adaptions based on various student needs
  • Examples of activities 
  • Complimentary apps for AT software packages

Additional Services

Discover our suite of additional services, each one designed to optimise your learning or working environment and empower AT users. 
These services can often be funded under the Access to Work scheme.

Assistive Technology Training

Our expert trainers, skilled in a wide range of AT tools, will guide users through the practical aspects of using various Assistive Technologies.  Personalised training is tailored to each user's needs, helping to leverage tools in the most effective ways and enhance productivity, communication, and overall digital experiences.

Workplace Coaching

Workplace Coaching is designed to help users unlock their full professional potential. Our coaches, with their wealth of experience across various sectors, offer personalised support tailored to specific career goals and challenges. Key areas of development include communication skills, time management, leadership development, conflict resolution, and many more.

Workplace Needs Assessments

Workplace Needs Assessments can be a crucial step towards creating an inclusive workplace that is compliant with equality regulations. Our assessors conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the unique needs of individuals to identify any potential barriers to accessibility. An extensive report is then provided with recommendations for suitable Assistive Technologies and reasonable adjustments.

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