Capita AT LXP 

Assistive Technology (AT) Awareness

This specialised course aims to empower specialists with the knowledge and applications of Assistive Technology solutions. You will be equipped with the knowledge and understanding of a range of AT which bridges the gap between student capabilities and educational challenges. 
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What's included?

  • 12 Modules
  • Certification
  • 100+ Quiz questions
  • 30+ Videos
  • Resources including recommendation guides and suggested reading

Interactive videos and quizzes

The course consists of videos, text and quizzes. These elements have been designed to support you to improve your knowledge of Assistive Technology and the vast array of tools and products available. 

Resources library

You will be provided with a comprehensive resource library that you can refer back to at any time. Resources include recommendation guides, software user guides and recommended readings and videos. 

Course Objectives

Our Assistive Technology Awareness Courses are designed with clear, comprehensive objectives to guide your learning journey. On completion you will have achieved the following outcomes:

  • Understand the role of Assistive Technology in fostering accessibility and inclusivity in education.
  • Learn the differences between various types of Assistive Technology products and their specific
  • Gain knowledge and develop the understanding to be able to evaluate assistive technology against an individual student's needs.
  • Contribute to an inclusive and accessible educational environment for disabled students.
  • Stay ahead of the curve by learning about the latest advancements in Assistive Technology and how these can benefit individual disability impacts.
  • CPD-Certification: Earn a certification upon completion, validating your expertise in Assistive Technology, a testament to your commitment to inclusive practices.

Course Content       

Each AT strategy is the subject of its own module (e.g. Mind mapping).
This encourages learners to explore the full range of tools available and the differences between them.
The modules include:

Introduction to the Course

Explore the fundamentals of Assistive Technology, including potential transformative benefits to students, how students can access AT and details on how to use the course.


This module offers a focused exploration of technology that gives voice to written words. We will look to demystify Text-to-Speech tools, understand their applications, and considerations required to effectively match with students' needs.

Text Reading Pens

Text reading pens bring the power of reading to everyone by scanning printed text and converting it to spoken words. We'll explore how these devices can bridge the gap between traditional text and digital accessibility.

Mind Mapping

Understand how mind mapping software can support a wide variety of disabled users by converting complex ideas into understandable, visual diagrams. You'll also learn about the difference between digital and hand-drawn mind maps. 

Audio Note taking

Explore the different Audio note taking tools that assist in transforming spoken words into valuable notes. You'll explore how to unlock the potential of these tools in enhancing productivity, learning, and inclusivity. 


Join us as we explore how to harness the power of speech-to-text technology to foster inclusive & efficient communication environments. We will look at the different speech-to-text software, including system compatibility and challenges supported. 
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Writing Support Tools

Delve into various tools that aid in structuring thoughts, managing research, and streamlining the writing process. This module provides essential guidance on tools that can increase efficiency and structure within projects.

Organisation Tools

This module explores the world of AT that can supercharge self-management and task execution. These tools can bring order to chaos, enhancing productivity and reducing stress. We'll look at their individual features and the disability impacts they help overcome.

Spelling Support Tools

Utilising spelling support tools can reduce barriers to written communication, and improve writing confidence. This module will introduce you to spellcheckers, autocorrectors and prediction tools to understand how they differ.

Magnification and Screen Reading

This module is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of these crucial technologies for visually impaired or blind students, exploring how they can enable individuals to access digital content independently.

E-Learning Platforms

E-Learning platforms have a huge impact on a user's engagement and knowledge of their AT tools. We'll look at the different options available and the features they offer.


Gain an understanding of the benefits of AT training, find resources for further reading and solidify your knowledge in the final quiz of the course. This wrap-up provides an opportunity to reflect on your learning journey, identify areas of strength, and areas needing further study.

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