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Additional resources

We understand that learning is an ongoing journey.
This curated selection of supplementary resources aims to enrich your course experience and extend your understanding beyond the structured modules. These resources provide an opportunity to delve deeper into the intriguing world of AT and its transformative impact for students.


Each book featured in this section has been chosen for its insightful exploration of inclusion & AT in education, providing you with a depth of understanding that complements and enhances your learning from the course modules.

The Role of Assistive Technology in Fostering Inclusive Education: Strategies and Tools to Support Change
Hoogerwerf 2022

Experiencing Special Educational Needs and Disability:
Lessons for Practice

Norwich 2017

Assistive Technology Assessment Handbook

Federici & Scherer 2017

Disability Inclusion
and Inclusive

Chennat 2019

Assistive Technologies:
Principles & Practice

Cook, Polgar & Encarnaçã 2020

Disability and Technology:
An Interdisciplinary and International Approach
Roulstone 2016

Academic Journals   

These publications, exploring research and advancements in Assistive Technology, provide the perfect addition to your learning. Immerse yourself in these resources and deepen your understanding of AT's transformative potential
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Disability & Society

Disability & Society is an international disability studies journal providing a focus for debate about such issues as human rights, discrimination, definitions, policy and practices. It appears against a background of constant change in the ways in which disability is viewed and responded to.
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International Journal of Inclusive Education

This journal provides a forum for international and multi-disciplinary dialogue on inclusive education for all educators and educational policy-makers concerned with the form and nature of schools, universities and technical colleges.
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Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology is an applied, scientific publication in the multi-disciplinary field of technology for people with disabilities. The journal's purpose is to foster communication among individuals working in all aspects of the assistive technology arena.
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Assistive Technology Outcomes & Benefit

This journal is Assistive Technology Industry Association's (ATIA) open-access, online, annual journal of peer-reviewed papers, highlights new information on the outcomes and benefits of assistive technology for disabled people.

Journal Articles 

This collection of research papers have handpicked to supplement your learning journey. These articles provide thought-leading insights and a deeper exploration into Assistive Technology.
Kumar 2012

Beyond Brainstorming: Mind Mapping is more than a note taking or brainstorming strategy

West Chester University

The article discusses the concept of mind mapping as a tool for creative thinking, critical thinking, decision-making, and studying. It cites studies that suggest mind mapping produces comparable or superior results to traditional note-taking strategies. 

Taylor, Baskett & Wren 2010

Managing the transition to university for disabled students

Education + Training

The paper examines mechanisms for managing the transition from school/college/work to university for disabled students. The research project using a case study methodology in a UK university department was conducted over a four year period. 

McNicholl et al. 2022

Assistive technologies, educational engagement and psychosocial outcomes among students with disabilities in higher education

Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology

The aim of this study was to examine met/unmet AT needs on educational engagement, academic self-efficacy and well-being and the impact of AT use in the areas of competence, adaptability and self-esteem for students with disabilities in higher education in Ireland.

Foley & Ferri 2012

Technology for people, not disabilities: ensuring access and inclusion

Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs

The authors propose alternative ways of thinking about inclusive and accessible technology and provide practical ways that accessible technologies can promote greater access and flexibility for disabled students.

Danemayer et al. 2023

Seeking information about assistive technology: Exploring current practices, challenges, and the need for smarter systems

International Journal of Human - Computer Studies

This research paper on the topic of assistive technology (AT) and its accessibility. It discusses the challenges faced by disabled people in accessing AT, including information barriers and the need for individualised approaches. 

Fernández-Batanero et al. 2022

Assistive technology for the inclusion of students with disabilities: a systematic review

Educational technology research and development

The main objective of this paper focuses on conducting a systematic review of studies regarding the impact of Assistive Technology for the inclusion of students with disabilities.

Bouck and Long 2021

Assistive Technology for Students With Disabilities: An Updated Snapshot

Journal of Special Education Technology

The authors explored reported use regarding assistive technology by secondary students with disabilities. Overall, the authors found low rates
of assistive technology reported use among students with disabilities aggregated.

Seale et al. 2015

Not the right kind of ‘digital capital’? An examination of the complex relationship between disabled students, their technologies and higher education institutions

The Open University

The paper focuses on disabled students in higher education (HE) and their use of technologies to
support their learning. Disabled students commonly report that they feel they have to work
harder than other students because they have to manage both their disability and their study.

Delić, V et al. 2014

How speech technologies can help people with disabilities

Speech and Computer Speech and Computer 

The paper covers different types of disabilities such as visual, hearing, and speech, as well as physical disabilities. The article explains how text-to-speech (TTS) technology can be used as an aid for visually impaired computer users, allowing them to access and manipulate text on their devices

Web Resources   

Our collection of web pages and blogs provides insights, tips, and stories on Assistive Technology. Handpicked for their relevancy and value, these resources offer fresh perspectives and real-world applications of AT. 
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Aventido blog

The Aventido blog is a great resource for anyone interested in assistive technology. The blog covers a wide range of topics, from the latest AT news and trends to practical advice on how to use AT to improve  productivity and performance. The blog is also a great place to find out about the latest research on the impact of AT on the workplace
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Disability Rights UK

Disability Rights is a UK  organisation led by, run by, and working for disabled people. The website provides a wealth of information and resources on a wide range of topics, including: Legal rights, Benefits, Work, Independent living and Attitudes.
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Accessibility, assistive technology and inclusive practice

This blog is a space for sector updates and explorations of issues related to accessibility, assistive technology, wellbeing and inclusion.
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Office for Students

The Office for Students website has a wealth of resources that can support disabled student in higher education from guidance on funding to commissioned reports on student experiences
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nasen - Assistive Technology resources

The National Association for Special Educational Needs (nasen) is committed to helping practitioners use technology to reduce or remove barriers to learning and contains articles relating to AT in education.
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House of Lords Library: Assistive technology in education and employment

This report offers insights for those interested in the intersection of technology, accessibility, and professional development. This resource delves into the role of AT in promoting inclusivity in education and the workplace.

     Reports and Case Studies

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These real-world examples provide an in-depth look at the practical application and impact of Assistive Technology in educational contexts, all based on research and evidence.


Global report on assistive technology 2022 

This comprehensive report that provides an overview of the state of AT in the world today. The report finds that more than 2.5 billion people need one or more assistive products and includes recommendations on Investing in AT, removing barriers to Access and empowering disabled people.

Policy Connect

Disabled Students' Allowances: giving students the technology they need to succeed

The report outlines how the Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) are a key means by which students gain access to assistive technology and related support. 

JISC TechDis

Access All Areas: disability, technology and learning

This research provides an overview of technologies, how they can be used by disabled students and also how their design could be improved to benefit all students, not just those with a disability. 

Department for Education

Assistive technology Reports

These reports summarise the available evidence concerning assistive technologies (AT) use and outcomes in education and provide a comprehensive snapshot of the evidence informing when, where and for whom AT works.

 Videos & Podcasts   

Explore this collection of engaging videos and podcasts focusing on disability and Assistive Technology.  These auditory and visual resources make for an engaging and flexible way to supplement your learning.

Access All: Disability News and Mental Health

BBC Podcast
Weekly podcast about mental health, wellbeing and disabled people. Life stories and solutions

Disability. Technology. Inclusion.

AbilityNet Podcast
This episode explores issue such as why companies need to go further than just legal compliance and how being flexible in the workplace helps people to flourish

Accessibility vs Inclusion

Celebrating Disability video
This video tries to articulate the differences between inclusion and accessibility by emphasising the importance when creating a service or a workplace culture that engages with, values and celebrates disabled people.

The impact of assistive technology

The Disability Download Podcast
This episode of The Disability Download podcast, discusses all things assistive tech including chats about the devices that have transformed the speakers lives.

The Power of a Mind to Map: Tony Buzan

TED talk
In his TEDx talk, Tony Buzan discusses the power of the human mind and the importance of managing knowledge effectively. He introduces the concept of the Knowledge Age, where individuals are taught to be knowledge workers and think intelligently about various aspects of life.


Podcast & Newsletter
Drawing on their own lived experiences of disability, Alice Evans & Lucy Wood created the lABLEd podcast which puts the focus back on the individuals and the voices and stories of disabled people, rather than societal expectations.

TAU XL: Assistive Technology Blog

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