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Core Modules

View our current modules below. All pages are regularly updated to reflect software updates and new tools available.

Introduction to the course

Introduction to AT along with additional useful information including how to use the learning platform.


Explore a range of Text-to-Speech software tools and gain an understanding of the different features they offer and the impacts they help overcome.

Mind Mapping

Understand how Mind mapping software can support a variety of disabled users. You'll also learn about the difference between digital and hand-drawn mind maps. 

Audio Notetaking

Explore the different Audio note taking tools available to students and the differences between each software. 


We will look at the considerations to be aware of when looking at different speech-to-text software, including system compatibility and challenges supported.  

Organisation Tools

Explore a variety of organisation tools and understand how each one can support he different needs of students.

Study Support Tools

Delve into a range of study support tools that can aid students' study. We will look at the different applications of each tool and the considerations needed when suggesting these tools.

E-Learning platforms

Gain of understanding of the role that e-learning platforms play in NMH support and consider which platforms might be most suitable for each user. 

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